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Recap of March Webinar: Unlocking Our Potential – How Coaching Can Grow Nurse Leaders and Level-Up Their Teams

Missed Out on Our Latest Webinar? Here’s a recap for you!

Last week Dr. Lori Armstrong and the Inspire Nurse Leaders team met for a dynamic conversation around coaching and how it’s being utilized in the nurse leaders space. In recent years the art and science of coaching has made its way from professional athletes to professional leaders. 

The use of professional coaches is gaining traction across leading organizations of all industries – and for good reason! Coaching continues to show undeniable results in developing high-performing and empathetic leaders, engaged and productive teams, and mission-driven and impactful organizations.

Despite this trend, we have yet to fully realize the potential of implementing professional coaching in the healthcare industry – particularly in nursing. 

Coaching provides support in developing leadership skills, honing performance, and perfecting communication within teams. How much better could we care for patients, engage our team members, and achieve our organizational goals if our nurse leaders had the support of professional coaching?

Several topics are  covered including:

– The latest trends and techniques in professional coaching

– How coaching can be uniquely tailored to nurse leaders

– Why nurse leaders are the perfect candidates for professional coaching

– The incredible impact that investing in nurse leaders can have on healthcare organizations

– Q&A with experienced professional coaches and long-time nurse leaders
Interested in learning more? You can watch the full webinar here. Want to jump right into coursework with Lori? Read more about what they entail!

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