Inspire Nurse Leaders


Making COVID-19 Count: Assert Your Nurse Leadership Now

The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems. —Mahatma Gandhi COVID-19 has elevated nurses and the essential role we play in providing quality care to front-page news. This public recognition gives nurse leaders momentum to make...

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COVID-19: An Unforgiving Teacher — We Must Learn Its Lessons

Yes, we will get through this pandemic, but we must learn the lessons from it. We as leaders must consider these sobering takeaways to use our Voices and be accountable for following through.  Fund hospitals and healthcare workers. The SYSTEM must change. Investing in the organizations and people who protect us should be...

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Giving Nurse Leaders a Safe Place to Vent

Ventilators are in short supply for COVID-19 patients, but nurse leaders need a safe way to vent, too. Continually fighting COVID-19 at work and home is creating unsustainable levels of stress for nurse leaders. Providing a safe place for them to debrief and process their feelings (to vent their frustrations...

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Nurse Leadership in a COVID-19 World

Five tips for sustaining your personal best in a prolonged crisis. Nurse leaders are at their personal best in a crisis. But prolonged stress can be soul-crushing. Whether you’re working in a hospital command center, continually rounding or fielding emergency management calls, make sure to put on your own emotional...

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