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Inspire Nurse Leaders 2023 National Nurse Leader Pulse Survey

At Inspire, we’re on a mission to develop great leaders and provide the support leaders need to optimize outcomes. 

At the end of 2023, we launched a Nationwide nurse leader pulse survey with the goal of assessing critical aspects of training and leadership development within the nursing field. The survey covered key areas such as orientation, coaching, mentoring, succession planning, and identified existing competency gaps.

These findings highlight a concerning lack of systematic approaches and resources for role orientation and ongoing development of nurse leaders. In light of the challenges facing healthcare, it is crucial to prioritize the development of nurse leaders who directly impact patient care outcomes and nursing talent retention.

The survey was distributed Nationally across various levels of nursing leadership, including Chief Nurse Executives, Associate Chief Nursing Officers, Directors, Assistant Directors, Nurse Managers, Assistant Nurse Managers, and Ambulatory Leaders. Key components of training and leadership development, such as orientation, coaching, mentoring, succession planning, and competency gaps, were explored in depth.

To discover key insights from the 2023 National nurse leader pulse survey, download the executive summary and infographic.

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