Inspire Nurse Leaders

Five Consulting Practices, One Purpose

Achieve the outcomes you want for yourself professionally and for your patients.

Inspire Nurse Leader’s consulting practice equips nurse leaders and their teams with the skills, competencies and confidence they need to achieve great outcomes for themselves and their organizations.

Lori and her team deliver these outcomes through five different consulting practices and three forms of delivery.

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    Develop transformational nurse leaders.

    Build executive and frontline nurse leader teams. Design and implement a transformational nurse leader development program. Develop a nurse workforce strategy. Lead and sustain change management initiatives. Create a culture of accountability. Form collaborative cross-departmental relationships. And achieve your Magnet designation.

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    Improve patient safety and satisfaction.

    Design a best-in-class quality program. Create an effective HCAHPS strategy. Build a strong frontline leadership team. And increase your team’s capacity for resilience.

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    Increase nurse engagement.

    Develop and implement a shared governance model. Build a meaningful nurse recognition program. Implement a leader rounding program. Create a culture of accountability. Work effectively with unionized nursing organizations. And create effective resilience strategies.

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    Improve productivity and streamline operations.

    Optimize shorter hospital stays while improving clinical outcomes. Streamline operations. Develop innovative staffing models. Deliver the right care, at the right time and place to reduce avoidable patient days. Decrease hospital length of stay. And optimize patient throughput while maintaining quality outcomes.

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    Develop and execute an effective nursing strategic plan.

    Define and clarify your nursing organization’s mission, vision and values. Develop a roadmap for success in patient outcomes, patient satisfaction and workforce recruitment and retention. And create and implement a strategic plan that delivers top decile outcomes and achievement, including Magnet designation.

Three Forms of Delivery:

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    On-site team training, assessment and consulting

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