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Nurse Leaders: Standing Up, Standing Out and Standing in the Gap

Nurses Week 2021 For Nurse Leaders: The first time I heard the term “Standing in the Gap” I was listening to one of my favorite pastors. It was a new phrase to me. And as I ponder National Nurse’s Week 2021 through the lens of Nurse Leaders this phrase keeps reverberating in my mind. Standing in the gap means interceding on someone’s behalf. Nurse Leaders define standing in the gap perfectly and especially this past year. So, with the intention in advance of the week nationally designated to recognize the contributions of nurses I want to specially recognize those who lead each nurse. While you are recognizing others in the coming weeks, I recognize each Nurse Leader who Stands Up, Stands Out, and Stands in The Gap for our nurses and the patients and families they serve.

This Nurses Week 2021:

  • You are a nurse.
  • You are a leader.
  • You are in fact a leader of many (more than most other types of leaders)
  • You are the voice of the nurse, the patient, and their family.
  • You are purpose-driven.
  • You speak up for the vulnerable because you see things differently and completely.
  • You stand out because you have a unique combination of clinical expertise, passion for patient advocacy, and purpose-driven leadership acumen.
  • You stand in the gap- (I want to scream this one from the mountain top!) This year more than ever you have stood in the gap for others. You have:
    • Walked into the very first COVID-19 rooms to model the way and be side by side with your team. Reassuring them and helping wherever you could.
    • Spoken up about PPE and staffing shortages.
    • Facilitated those sometimes-final phone calls and face times between isolated patients and their families at home.
    • Worked for months without taking a day off because you couldn’t NOT be there for your team and the patients.
    • Sacrificed time at home with your family during a time of immense and unprecedented fear for everyone.
    • From bedside to boardroom ministered to all around you despite the unknown.
    • Been scared and exhausted yourself but continued to lead anyway.

You are a Nurse Leader.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I continue to be in awe of you, inspired by you, and thankful for you and all that you do.

Happy National Nurses Week 2021

Lori Armstrong DNP, RN NEA-BC

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