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Nursing Keynote Speakers who inspire and motivate

Engage your audience with an inspiring, motivating speaker who’s lived it.

At Inspire, we believe in the power of galvanization. Unlike traditional keynotes, we’re not just delivering a static message – we view time with your organizations as an opportunity to engage, to reignite passion + purpose, and to create an experience that resonates long after the applause fades.

With deep expertise in today’s healthcare landscape, Lori and her team of nursing keynote speakers blend relatable storytelling with proven best practices to help advance your vision, redefining the boundaries of what a keynote can achieve.

We see your community for the change-makers they already are, and inspire them to take action towards addressing their biggest challenges with innovative thinking.

Why Choose Dr. Lori Armstrong for Your Nursing Keynote Speaker

A highly sought-after and engaging speaker, Lori Armstrong works to support nurses and leaders in addressing their biggest challenges.

Lori believes that patient and staff outcomes are inseparably linked to nursing care and exemplary nurse leadership. She thrives on helping healthcare organizations develop great leaders so they can achieve great outcomes.

Through compelling storytelling, Lori weaves best practices and proven strategies together in a way that inspires and motivates others to take action to progress their careers and organizations.

Dr. Lori Armstrong

CEO & Chief Clinical Officer,

Impactful Topics

When nurse and healthcare leaders are fully engaged, equipped, and motivated… patient outcomes, employee engagement, and financial metrics thrive.


Each session is crafted to confront today’s challenges head-on, captivating audiences with storytelling, thought-provoking content, proven strategies, and humor designed to honor, engage, and inspire audiences at any level.


Our nursing keynote speakers are committed to empowering leaders to take decisive action with proven strategies to catalyze excellence in healthcare practice and elevate patient and organization outcomes.


Each topic serves to unlock the untapped potential in each attendee from an elegantly innovative and insightful angle, allowing leaders to approach complex challenges from a renewed perspective.

1. Fueling The Fire of Engagement

Engaged nurses improve patient, employee, and financial outcomes. No matter your role, your engagement matters and it matters a lot. Learn what makes a ‘Best Place to Work’ in post-pandemic nursing and what role you can play in reversing the ‘great resignation.’ Nurses and nurse leaders alike will reconnect with their values and learn how to channel their passion into actionable behaviors to improve the work environment.

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss the critical impact you have as a nurse on the patient, family and society at large
  • Identify strategies to strengthen your personal engagement
  • Select several actions that demonstrate your recommitment to purpose driven engagement

2. Essential Leadership Strategies for Unwavering Retention and Powerful Commitment

As the saying goes, “Be the leader they won’t want to leave.” 

In an ever evolving landscape characterized by constant change, a critically weak pipeline, and financial pressures, one undeniable truth emerges: Nurse Leaders are the linchpin to delivering exceptional patient care and retaining valuable nursing staff. Designed to empower you to become the kind of leader you’ve always aspired to have by your side. this session presents breakthrough insights to enhance your ability to retain your valuable team members and – most importantly – forge meaningful connections with them.

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss the influence you have at the intersection of frontline staff, patient care and organizational strategies
  • Identify 3 contemporary best strategies for increasing retention at your organization
  • Select 2 powerful leadership behaviors that result in higher team engagement and commitment to purpose

3. Nurse Leaders: Your Well-Being Matters

Today’s nursing leaders face the dual challenge of achieving operational excellence and nurturing a supportive environment for their teams – often this comes at the expense of their own well-being! Diving into the current challenges facing the nursing profession and examining their impact on the well-being of nurses and nurse leaders, this session empowers nurse leaders to prioritize personal well-being, invest in staff growth, and challenge the status quo. Attendees will be equipped with methods to drive positive change and create environments where well-being thrives as an integral part of the organizational culture.

Learning Objectives

  • Examine prevalent and persisting challenges within the nursing profession and their effects on the well-being of nurses and nurse leaders
  • Identify a minimum of two elements constituting well-being in the nursing context
  • Select one proactive measure aimed at enhancing personal well-being within the nursing role

Optional Add On

In addition to providing Nursing Keynote Speakers for the established topics above, we are more than happy to customize content to align with your unique culture and objectives, as well as include the following add-on for your organization.


Leader Impact & Q&A Sessions

These exclusive, intimate gatherings offer a unique opportunity for senior teams to engage in open dialogue, guided reflection, and action plan development. Condensed yet powerful, these sessions are designed to propel teams forward, fostering deeper connections and driving impactful leadership strategies.

Feedback from Our Keynotes

“Lori was one of – or even the BEST presenter – I’ve ever heard! The content and stories will hold a big spot in my “toolbox.” She had an incredible way of keeping everyone engaged.” audiences at any level.

“This keynote was highly engaging, thought provoking and powerful. Lori was beyond excellent. She was engaging, funny, and heartfelt. At the end of the session I felt rejuvenated and reconnected to my purpose.”

“After hearing Lori’s keynote, I will reinvent my passion for work and what’s even better is now I now have strategies for success.”

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