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A highly sought-after and engaging speaker, Lori Armstrong works to support nurses and leaders in addressing their biggest challenges. Lori believes that patient and staff outcomes are inseparably linked to nursing care and exemplary nurse leadership. She thrives on helping healthcare organizations develop great leaders so they can achieve great outcomes. Through compelling storytelling, Lori weaves best practices and proven strategies together in a way that inspires and motivates others to take action to progress their careers and organizations.

Dr. Lori Armstrong

CEO & Chief Clinical Officer,

Four Topics, Three Formats

When nurses and nurse leaders are engaged, equipped, and inspired, patient safety and satisfaction, employee engagement, and financial outcomes soar!

Lori and her team offer Nursing Keynote Speakers, Workshops, and Leader Impact Sessions that will inspire nurses and nurse leaders alike on the following topics. Inspire Nurse Leaders is also happy to tailor the message to meet your unique culture and objectives.

Ask Lori about our Nurse Leader Academy and the courses that can add value to your team through continued education.


  • The Great (Re)Engagement

    When nurses are engaged, patient, employee, and financial outcomes improve. No matter your role, your engagement matters and it matters a lot. Learn what makes a ‘Best Place to Work' in post-pandemic nursing and what role you can play in reversing the ‘great resignation.' Nurses and nurse leaders will reconnect with their values and turn those passions into actionable behaviors to improve the work environment.

  • Leading Well-Being

    One of today's toughest leadership challenges is creating an environment where one successfully achieves operational imperatives while sustaining a vibrant work environment to support a strong and stable workforce. The leader is a powerful and positive influence, particularly as they maintain a high energy, positive presence, and an authentic model of strength. This workshop provides powerful evidence-based strategies to develop, practice, and inspire well-being behaviors personally for the leader themselves and identifies strategies that result in healthier work environments and resilient high-performing teams.

  • Leveraging Influence and Impact: Achieving Excellence Through Powerful Leadership Behaviors

    Leveraging your influence as a leader is about recognizing that leaders must cultivate relationships, earn the trust of your staff, lead by example and realize that the power of your influence is found as you empower others. In this workshop your leadership team will master the behaviors and strategies that define influence to drive more trusting relationships, improved productivity, enhanced engagement and a deeper commitment to the organization. We will explore evidence-based influence behaviors that demonstrate authentic and transformational leadership by profoundly increasing impact and outcomes.

  • The Leadership Challenge®: How to Grow as a Leader and Shape the Future of Your Team to Achieve the Extraordinary

    Fueled by evidence and 360º feedback this engaging workshop will give your team the opportunity to practice, understand and adopt the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership with the guidance of a Leadership Challenge Certified Master. By adopting the Five Practices (Model the Way, Inspire a Shared Vision, Challenge the Process, Enable Others to Act, and Encourage the Heart), you will unlock untapped potential and enable others to achieve the extraordinary.


  • Keynotes

    A 1-hour engaging presentation filled with storytelling, best practices, proven strategies, and humor designed to honor, validate, engage, and inspire audiences at any level.

  • Workshops

    ½ day, full-day, or multiple-day workshops that can be customized for your team, offering interactive onsite or virtual deliveries that provide foundational professional development, team building, and engagement.

  • Leader Impact Sessions

    An intimate hour and a half one-of-a-kind session packed with open dialogue, proven strategies, and practical takeaways to specifically inspire and equip Leaders.

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