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A highly sought after and engaging speaker, Lori Armstrong works to support nurses and healthcare leaders to address their biggest challenges. Lori believes that patient safety and nurse leadership are inseparably connected. She thrives on helping healthcare organizations develop great leaders so they can achieve great outcomes. Through compelling storytelling, Lori weaves best practices and proven strategies together in a way that inspires and motivates others to take action to progress their careers and organizations.

Lori’s keynotes address the following five topics. She would be happy to tailor her message to meet your unique needs and circumstances.

  • Nurse Leadership — The Inseparable Link to Better Outcomes

    Using the most up-to-date evidence, you will learn how nurse leaders can have the most significant impact on patient safety and satisfaction. Also, gain actionable insights into increasing leadership capacity at every level of your nursing organization.

  • Creating a Culture of Safety

    In its quest to build better teams, Google found that creating a psychologically safe work environment is a huge success factor. In this keynote, you will learn a proven model for developing and implementing a culture of safety for your nurse community.

  • From Career Setback to Comeback

    All of us will experience a setback in our careers at some point that may or may not be within our control. Choosing our response to these challenges, however, is entirely up to us. Learn how to convert a setback into a successful milestone for what’s next.

  • One Preemie, One Family, One Nurse

    Nurses give voice to the needs of vulnerable patients who are too small, scared or uninformed to speak for themselves. Learn how to be an effective nurse advocate for at-risk patients from their bedsides to the boardroom.

  • Purpose, Passion and a Path Forward

    New nurses often feel a sense of calling in serving patients and their families in their greatest hour of need. Over time, however, this emotionally demanding work can lead to burnout. Learn how to regain your career passion and purpose in this insightful keynote.