Inspire Nurse Leaders

Coaching for leaders and organizations

Invest in yourself and your teams to bring out your best

Our coaching services are designed to help senior and emerging leaders – by empowering them to define their personal leadership style, amplify their communication skills, and accelerate their professional development.

Individual Coaching

  • Develop your transformational leadership daily practices.

  • Improve your executive communication.

  • Enhance your strategic thinking.

  • Establish effective cross-departmental governance and alignment.

  • Improve patient safety and patient satisfaction outcomes.

Team Coaching

  • Build a strong, cohesive nurse leadership team.

  • Develop an effective CNO succession plan.

  • Fulfill transformational leadership and structural empowerment guidelines and requirements.

  • Create a sustainable culture of servant leadership.

  • Implement or enhance a shared governance program.

  • Improve patient safety and satisfaction outcomes.

Available Assessments