Outcome-Driven Nurse Leadership Consulting Solutions

Achieve the extraordinary by focusing on leadership, processes, and performance.

The Inspire Nurse Leaders team transforms healthcare organizations by serving as trusted advisors, strategic partners, and implementation experts with our nurse leadership consulting services:

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    Custom workforce assessments.

    Powerful qualitative and quantitative assessment approach. Comprehensive current state assessment of workforce and leadership. Identification of gaps and opportunities for growth. Customized roadmap based on best-practice recommendations in alignment with your organizational goals. And application of a practical implementation plan to make these improvements a reality.

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    Develop transformational nurse leaders.

    Build executive and frontline nurse leaders. Design and implement a transformational nurse leader development program. Develop a nurse workforce strategy. Lead and sustain change management initiatives. Create a culture of accountability. And form collaborative cross-departmental relationships. We offer additional courses to help develop that better leader in you.

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    Increase nurse engagement.

    Develop and implement a contemporary professional governance model. Build a meaningful nurse recognition program. Implement a leader rounding program. Work effectively with unionized nursing organizations. Development of value-based behaviors that lead to healthy work environments. And create effective resilience strategies.

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    Training to close the gap in financial acumen.

    Empower clinical leaders to understand and advocate for their own budgets. Accelerate productivity target performance. Improve quality, patient safety, and workforce safety outcomes. Optimize financial metrics in revenue and expense management. Develop a partnership between finance and clinical disciplines. And build a business case for new services or products.

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    Develop and execute an effective nursing strategic plan.

    Define and clarify your nursing organization’s mission, vision and values. Develop a roadmap for success in patient outcomes, patient satisfaction and workforce recruitment and retention. And create and implement a strategic plan that delivers top decile outcomes and achievement, including Magnet designation.

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    Drive operational excellence.

    Recruitment and retention initiatives. Staffing optimization strategies. Organizational and governance alignment. Work and competency standardization. Streamline operations via process improvement. Optimize patient throughput while maintaining quality outcomes. And develop a holistic succession plan.

Three Forms of Delivery:

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    On-site team training, assessment and consulting

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Join us in this National Conversation! 3/7/24 at 12pm EST
Nurse Leader Development & Support: A Vital Imperative

Our free 1 hour webinar will explore the current sobering data, the urgency of the current state, and offer strategies to support these leaders who wield influence over patient outcomes, talent retention, and organizational financial health. We’ll tackle tough realities head-on and present effective solutions for issues such as nursing orientation, ongoing competency development, and the power of coaching.