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Inspire Nurse Leaders® was 25 years in the making.

For over 25 years, Lori Armstrong, DNP, RN, NEA-BC, has mastered best practices for nurse leaders as a CNO at top hospitals across the country. Through her consulting, coaching and keynotes, she shares these best practices as the why, what and how of delivering exemplary care. Lori and her team help nurses increase their leadership capacity, capabilities and engagement to deliver great outcomes. Using her extensive clinical and executive experience combined with humanity, humor and contagious energy, Lori, along with her team, transforms leadership, improves operational outcomes. 

Inspire Nurse Leaders: Great leaders. Great outcomes.

Build a strong, future-ready workforce.

Inspire Nurse Leader’s offerings work together to equip nurse leaders and their teams with the skills, competencies and confidence they need to achieve great outcomes for themselves and their organizations. These desired outcomes include the following:

Nurse Leader Outcomes


Transformational Leadership

Create and implement a customized nurse leader development program.


Executive Communication

Amplify your voice and leadership impact. 


Operational Excellence

Lead successful change management initiatives.


Workforce Strategy

Staff and build strong executive and frontline nurse leader teams.


Strategic Planning

Create and implement a strategic plan that delivers top decile outcomes.


Professional Governance

Develop a contemporary governance structure.

Organizational Outcomes


Nurse Engagement

Achieve high levels of engagement through evidence-based strategies. 


Recruitment and Retention

Build a recruitment strategy and improve nurse engagement scores.

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Financial Performance

Improve business acumen of all nurse leaders.


Hospital-acquired Conditions

Improve patient safety and patient satisfaction.



Improve your HCAHPS scores and reporting process.


Length of Stay

Balance quality care with patient throughput goals.

Our Vision

Transforming healthcare through exceptional leadership development

Our Mission

Elevating nurse leaders to deliver exceptional outcomes for their patients, families, and the organizations they serve

Our Values

Join us in this National Conversation! 3/7/24 at 12pm EST
Nurse Leader Development & Support: A Vital Imperative

Our free 1 hour webinar will explore the current sobering data, the urgency of the current state, and offer strategies to support these leaders who wield influence over patient outcomes, talent retention, and organizational financial health. We’ll tackle tough realities head-on and present effective solutions for issues such as nursing orientation, ongoing competency development, and the power of coaching.