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Inspire Nurse Leaders™ Launches Worldwide E-Learning Curriculum for Nurse Leaders


Inspire Nurse Leaders® Launches Worldwide E-Learning Curriculum for Nurse Leaders and with Synova Associates Pledges $25,000 in E-Learning Credits

VERO BEACH, FLORIDA, November 10, 2020 — Inspire Nurse Leaders™, the nurse leader education, consulting, and coaching firm, today announced the results of its July 2020 nationwide “Leading in Times of Crisis” Nurse Leader Survey. With more than 200 participants, representing every region in the U.S., the survey found that nurse leaders want recognition as clinical experts and essential patient advocates, including a stronger voice in making decisions that affect patient care. The survey also identified that nurse leaders need additional leadership training to better respond to the demands of their daily responsibilities and crises like COVID-19.

The survey identified several key challenges for nurse leaders:

  1. 66% perceive that their voices could be stronger and more valued in their organization.
  2. 59% stated that they are not adequately consulted before decisions on patient care are made.
  3. 53% stated there is inadequate staffing making it difficult to meet work and family demands.
  4. 61% have emotional and physical fatigue—both individually and among team members.
  5. 35% cite poor organizational communication—especially across departments and from senior leaders down to mid-level leaders and staff.

The survey also identified five essential focus areas for the healthcare industry, government and academia:

  1. Recognize and identify nurses as the most crucial link in delivering quality care to patients and their families.
  2. Provide nurses with the resources they need to do their work safely and effectively.
  3. Facilitate accessible nurse leader development by creating a broad set of operations-based coursework.
  4. Provide emotional crisis response training and support for all nurses and nurse leaders.
  5. Revolutionize legacy nurse staffing models that inhibit agile and efficient access to qualified nursing staff.

“The crucible of this pandemic has forever changed every nurse leader. Unprecedented attention came to us from the pivotal role we played in delivering quality care despite prolonged exposure, isolation, fatigue, lack of resources and pressure. We must now convert this attention to action by elevating our leadership ability and influence,” said Dr. Lori Armstrong, a veteran nurse leader and CEO at Inspire Nurse Leaders™. “Our national survey shows that the pandemic amplified what we already knew was broken. That’s why we are partnering with Synova Associates and hospitals nationwide to bring nurses leadership courses that address the long-standing issues that the pandemic highlighted.” An executive summary of the nurse leader survey is available at www.inspirenurseleaders.com/survey.

Inspire Nurse Leaders E-Learning Courses

With more than 6,000 hospitals, four million nurses, and an estimated 400,000 nurse leaders in the United States alone, nurse leaders impact more patient outcomes than any other role in healthcare. The Inspire Nurse Leaders’ Nurse Leader Academy’s 41 online courses are comprised of five professional education pillars. The five pillars include: Transformational Leadership, Quality Improvement and Patient Safety, Managing the Business of Healthcare, Care Experience, and Professional Practice and Advocacy. Each pillar addresses the essential competencies every nurse leader must master in order to achieve the best outcomes for themselves and their patients.

“Our courageous nurse leaders have been in the unenviable position of having to implement previously unthinkable policies and compromises, leaving them feeling vulnerable and emotionally exhausted,” said Lori Gunther, CEO of Synova Associates. “In response to this pandemic, we have conducted COVID crisis debriefing calls and have held virtual events to help nurse leaders create and connect with a community of their peers. Partnering with Inspire Nurse Leaders is the next step in the process of providing nurse leaders with the support and knowledge they need to tackle the unprecedented challenges they face today.”

Interested nurse leaders, including assistant nurse managers, nurse managers, directors, and chief nurse officers can learn and grow by accessing one of the free eligible courses at https://learn.synovaassociates.com/inspire_nurse_leaders. Every nurse who completes the course will receive contact hours (CEs) to apply towards renewing their professional license and certification.

About Inspire Nurse Leaders

Dr. Lori Armstrong created Inspire Nurse Leaders to help nurse leaders become their best. For 25+ years, Lori, DNP, RN, NEA-BC, has mastered nurse leaders’ best practices as a CNO at top hospitals across the country. Through her courses, consulting, coaching, and keynotes, she teaches the why, what, and how to deliver exemplary care. Lori helps nurses increase their leadership capacity, capabilities, and engagement to deliver great outcomes for themselves professionally and for their patients. Using her extensive clinical and executive experience combined with humanity, humor, and contagious energy, Lori transforms leadership, improves operational excellence, and increases patient safety and satisfaction. To learn more about Inspire Nurse Leaders, visit their site at www.inspirenurseleaders.com.

About Synova AssociatesSynova Associates LLC is dedicated to creating a culture where the leadership experience is rewarding and desirable. Synova’s leadership forums and events provide nurse leaders with innovative information and solutions to help them achieve their goals and find more joy in their work. Synova’s programming helps nurse leaders understand the importance of culture, leadership and team development and broaden their professional networks. Synova’s mission is to deliver exceptional educational experiences designed to engage, energize and transform nurse leadership teams. To learn more about Synova Associates, visit their site at www.synovaassociates.com.