5 Reasons for Nurse Leader Coaching

5 Reasons Coaching for Nurse Leaders is Imperative

Nurse Leaders Benefit from Coaching Too!

Studies have shown how a trained coach can boost performance and job satisfaction.  What may be less obvious is how coaching can benefit Nurse Leaders specifically.

Coaching is gaining popularity in the business world – We hear about high-powered executives and managers getting professional leadership and performance coaches, but not as often about  those who spend their time impacting care delivery of our most vulnerable. In addition to having the wide reaching responsibilities, nurse leaders play a critical influential role in the success of the organization. ( Bradley & Moore 2019).  Nurse Leader coaches are helping up and coming and experienced senior leaders alike to navigate the current landscape of healthcare and how to grow into their leadership positions.  It just makes sense!

Leadership development is what coaching does – Coaches are trained to help you become a better leader.  Coaching helps you to become more confident and effective, while improving your team’s engagement and satisfaction as well.

Coaching is different from training and counseling – Coaching helps you be your best by taking what you already know and who you already are and turning those into evidence-based actions. Inspire Nurse Leaders ® coaching is a unique blending of leader development with the team and organizational performance coaching.   Nurse Leaders have the ability to affect organizations in the most critical ways including staff engagement, staff retention, creation of a healthier work environment, and improved patient outcomes.

Coaching delivers real results – don’t believe it? Here’s some facts reported by the International Coach Federation

  • The ROI is real by investing in better leaders, those leaders can invest in a better staff, which fosters & creates more engagement and workplace satisfaction.
  • Coaching increases productivity by explicitly targeting to teach how to be effective and work productively. Giving Nurse Leaders the tools for their toolbox.
  • It creates positive people by teaching Nurse Leaders how to create confidence in the workplace around positions and stability.

Coaches provide support to help leaders rise to the occasion – Nurse Leaders have an incredible opportunity to seize the opportunity of COVID-19 recovery. Inspire Nurse Leaders conducted a survey to help identify where nurses need support now and as we recover from COVID-19. Download our study to get the full picture.

If you are interested in learning more about how coaching can help improve the quality of care we all deliver and improve the lives of our healthcare providers, reserve a spot for our live coaching webinar Unlocking Our Potential – How Coaching Can Grow Nurse Leaders and Level-Up Their Teams on 3/30.



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