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Nurse Leadership Development in New York

At Inspire Nurse Leaders (INL), our nurse leadership development programs are aimed at empowering nursing professionals in New York, fostering transformational leadership skills, and ultimately contributing to improved patient care and organizational success.

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Transformational Leadership in Nursing with Inspire Nurse Leaders

Inspire Nurse Leaders is an organization founded and led by expert nurse leaders who truly understand the industry. Inspire brings a unique blend of deep industry expertise, decades of hands-on and lived senior leader experience, and a rigorous proven approach to assisting clients in solving complex problems. What truly sets us apart is our innovative and precise approach when assessing our clients current state. We go beyond traditional assessments; we comprehensively capture the voice of all stakeholders, we make best in class recommendations and then provide unwavering support throughout the implementation process. With a history spanning 25 years, INL has served thousands of nurse leaders and patients in the nation’s finest hospitals. Our proven track record is reflected in higher nurse engagement, productivity, retention, satisfaction, and improved patient safety outcomes.

Outcome-Driven Nurse Leadership Consulting in New York

Our nurse leadership consulting services are a comprehensive solution consisting of six primary pillars:

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    Custom Workforce Assessments.

    Our consulting begins with custom workforce assessments tailored to your specific needs. Our unique 3 prong approach digs deep into your organization, identifying areas for improvement, recognizing the exceptional aspects of your team, and creating a precise roadmap for accelerated goal achievement.

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    Develop Transformational Nurse Leaders.

    Our core philosophy is to empower nurse leaders to become the true embodiment of transformational leadership. We guide them in embracing proven strategies and approaches that drive profound change within their teams and across the organization. Our leadership training is customized for emerging, senior and executive leaders.

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    Increase nurse engagement.

    Engaged nurses are the heart of effective patient care and financial stability at any healthcare organization. We offer proven strategies and breakthrough insights to enhance nurse engagement, which results in improved job satisfaction and top decile performance. Our approach fosters a work environment where nurses feel valued, motivated, and inspired to deliver their best, ultimately elevating the quality of care.

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    Training to close the gap in financial acumen.

    INL has innovated what financial training looks like for nurse leaders. Our consulting services include customized financial training for nurse leaders that includes practice and real time application of newly acquired knowledge and skills. Utilizing their own data we equip them with the knowledge and skills required to understand and contribute to the financial health of their organizations. This not only enhances their leadership capabilities but also helps in achieving optimal resource allocation and financial sustainability.

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    Develop and execute an effective nursing strategic plan.

    In today’s environment there is no “strategic time to waste”. We collaborate closely with your organization to develop and execute a nursing-specific strategic plan. This plan aligns with your overarching goals, focusing on key areas such as exemplary patient care & safety, operational efficiency, care experience and workforce optimization.

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    Drive operational excellence.

    Achieving operational excellence is essential for providing top-tier patient care. Through the application of continuous improvement strategies, our expert consultants assist you in enhancing patient care while simultaneously driving your organization toward greater success and sustainability.

Engagement Options for Nurse Leadership Consulting in New York

For hospitals seeking nurse leadership consulting and education in New York, we offer flexible engagement options, including:

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    On-Site Team Training, Assessment, and Consulting:

    Our on-site engagement option brings our unparalleled expert consultants and coaches directly to your healthcare facility in New York. This allows for a personalized and in-depth assessment of your organization's specific challenges and opportunities.

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    Live or live virtual workshops dive into specific topics and challenges relevant to nurse leadership. These highly interactive sessions teach powerful practical tools, strategies, and best practices that can be applied directly to the workplace.

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    Retreats provide a unique and immersive learning experience for nurse leaders. They offer a break from the day-to-day routine and create an environment conducive to deep reflection, skill development and practice.

Nurse Leadership Coaching in New York for Organizational Success

Our Nurse Leadership Coaching service is dedicated to enhancing confidence and organizational impact, harnessing strengths to optimize performance and drive positive outcomes.

Executive & Senior Nurse Leadership Coaching

In today’s complex environment elevate your leadership journey with our 1:1 Executive & Senior Nurse Leadership Coaching program designed to: amplify your executive presence, elevate your strategic visioning and accelerate goal achievement. Our expert nurse executive coaches guide you through a customized development plan aimed at your long term success.

Impact Group Coaching for Nurse Leaders

Customized for Directors, Nurse Managers (NMs), and Assistant Nurse Managers (ANMs), our Impact Group Coaching Program uniquely incorporates a powerful Coach Dyad of Nurse Leader Coaches and Professional Development Coaches into each session. This innovative, AONL competency-based curriculum targets both individual and team performance, fostering skill development, a culture of accountability, and cohesive teamwork. We customize content to align with your organization’s unique culture and goals, ultimately empowering leaders to drive meaningful change.

Nurse Leadership Assessments

Our suite of assessments, including DiSC, LPI 360+ (Leadership Practices Inventory), and the Energy Leadership Index, provide breakthrough insights into leadership practices and strengths, enabling targeted development and growth. These tailored assessments help the coach client partnership harness maximal leadership and accelerate impact.

Nurse Leadership Courses in New York (On-Demand or Live)

Our Nurse Leadership Courses (Nurse Leadership Academy) in New York is a comprehensive program that equips healthcare professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to master the most important competencies. These courses include the top priorities of every leader including; leading people (transformational leadership), leading change, quality and patient safety, creating a culture of caring and patient experience, creating a culture of accountability, and managing the budget/financial acumen. It serves as a comprehensive foundation for effective nurse leadership.

Transformational Leadership Courses

The Leadership Courses pillar comprises 11 modules that delve into critical leadership principles and practices. These modules offer deep understanding in key areas such as effective communication, managing team dynamics, strategic thinking and analysis, and effective decision-making. Participants will acquire a robust set of skills and methodologies to enhance their leadership capabilities and inspire others.

Nurse Leadership Course through Nurse Leadership Development
Nurse Leadership Development from Inspire Nurse Leaders

Quality Improvement & Patient Safety

Quality of care and nursing practice are 2 sides of the same coin. These courses include 11 modules dedicated to teaching leaders the necessary skills to lead safe patient care and quality improvement strategies. The curriculum encompasses a range of subjects including the application of evidence-based approaches, the management of potential risks, the implementation of protocols to safeguard patients, and the employment of continuous quality enhancement techniques. Additionally, it delves into data analysis, providing insights on how to decipher critical data visualizations like control charts. Participants will be equipped with knowledge on how to lead a fair and just culture and ensure exemplary patient care delivery.

Cost & Business of Healthcare

Today’s financial environment is a call to action for nurse leaders to close the ever present financial acumen gap. Taught by one of the nation’s leading finance experts, the Cost & Business of Healthcare pillar explores the financial intricacies of the healthcare industry through 5 modules. This pillar provides insights into healthcare economics, financial management, budgeting, and resource allocation. Nurse leaders gain a comprehensive understanding of the financial aspects of healthcare delivery, enabling them to make informed decisions that contribute to improved productivity and the financial health of their organizations.

Nurse Leadership Development through Leadership Courses
Inspire Nurse Leaders offer Nurse Leadership Development Courses working on Patient Experience

Care Experience - Patient & Family Satisfaction

The Care Experience pillar encompasses 6 modules focused on best practice strategies aimed at enhancing patient and family satisfaction. This pillar includes strategies for improving communication with patients and families, interpreting HCAHPS data, and developing longer term care experience plans. Nurse leaders will have a comprehensive understanding of patient and family centered care best practice approaches and a deeper commitment to the voice of the patient.

Professional Practice & Advocacy

This one of a kind pillar, Professional Practice & Advocacy, consists of 8 modules, addressing the importance of advocating for the nursing profession and advancing professional practice. This pillar explores topics such as ethical decision-making, nursing standards, regulatory compliance, and professional development. Nurse leaders gain the knowledge and skills needed to advocate for best practices and promote excellence in nursing.

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Leadership Nursing Keynote Speaker in New York

Elevate your events with an inspiring sought after Leadership Nursing Keynote Speaker, Dr. Lori Armstrong. Lori’s masterful storytelling brings a wealth of experience and strengths to the stage, captivating and motivating your audience. Attendees often describe Lori’s contagious energy, passion, and humor that left them ready to leap into action. Available in keynote format, immersive workshops, and leader impact sessions, Lori offers four compelling topics:

Inspire Nurse Leaders Keynote Speaker

The Great (Re)Engagement

When nurses are engaged, patient, employee, and financial outcomes improve. No matter your role, your engagement matters and it matters a lot. In this pivotal keynote, Lori will address the unparalleled importance of engaging nurses and nursing leaders. She will navigate attendees through the defining qualities of what makes a ‘Best Place to Work,’ in our post pandemic environment. This presentation is not only about reigniting a passion for impactful work but also empowering nurses with the knowledge that they hold the key to overturning the ‘great resignation’ wave. Attendees will reconnect with their values and turn those passions into actionable behaviors to improve the work environment.

Nurse Leadership Consulting by INL

Leading Well-Being

One of today’s toughest leadership challenges is creating an environment where one successfully achieves operational imperatives while sustaining a vibrant work environment to support a strong stable workforce. The leader is a powerful and positive influence, as they maintain high energy, positive presence, and an authentic model of strength. This workshop provides powerful evidence-based strategies to develop, practice, and inspire well-being behaviors personally for the leaders themselves and identifies strategies that result in healthier work environments and resilient high performing teams.

Leveraging Influence and Impact

Leveraging your influence as a leader is about recognizing that leaders must cultivate relationships, earn the trust of your staff, lead by example and realize that the power of your influence is found as you empower others. In this workshop, your leadership team will master the behaviors and strategies that define influence to drive more trusting relationships, improved productivity, enhanced engagement and a deeper commitment to the organization. We will explore evidence-based influence behaviors that demonstrate authentic and transformational leadership by profoundly increasing impact and outcomes.

KEYNOTES - Inspire Nurse Leaders

The Leadership Challenge®

In this immersive workshop, your team will embark on a transformative journey, driven by empirical evidence and comprehensive 360º feedback. Guided by a seasoned Leadership Challenge Certified Master, you will practice, understand, and adopt The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®. You’ll learn how to set an example, voice your vision for the future, and inspire others. You will also learn how to interpret and act on personalized feedback from your LPI® Leadership Practices Inventory®.

Why Choose Inspire Nurse Leaders for Nurse Leadership Development in New York

At Inspire Nurse Leaders, we are dedicated to redefining nurse leadership development in New York through a comprehensive and integrated approach. Our suite of services is meticulously designed to empower nurse leaders and their teams with the essential skills, expertise, and self-assurance needed to secure extraordinary results. Our commitment transcends beyond nurturing personal growth and fostering team synergy; we aim to propel your organization toward top decile performance. Partner with Inspire Nurse Leaders and anticipate a transformative leap in your team’s competencies and performance metrics, setting a new standard in healthcare leadership.

Leader outcomes

Our programs are meticulously crafted to elevate the leadership acumen of leaders across the spectrum – from those just stepping into their roles to seasoned executives. We are focused on cultivating a suite of transformative leadership capabilities, honing advanced communication skills for executive roles, embedding a culture of operational excellence, strategizing for future-ready workforce development, and championing cutting-edge professional shared governance. By harnessing these skills, leaders are equipped to excel in today’s complex dynamic environment.

Organizational outcomes

Leveraging our precise assessment framework and drawing upon our nationally renowned experts we bring unparalleled commitment to improving organizational outcomes. By joining forces with Inspire Nurse Leaders, your organization will build a strong leadership bench, improve nurse engagement, develop a sustainable workforce strategy and benefit from profound improvements in patient care outcomes.