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Nurse Leadership Development in Illinois

At Inspire Nurse Leaders (INL), our nurse leadership development programs are geared towards empowering nursing professionals in Illinois, fostering transformational leadership skills, and ultimately contributing to improved patient care and organizational success.

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Transformational Leadership in Nursing with Inspire Nurse Leaders

At Inspire Nurse Leaders (INL), we are dedicated to the growth and development of nurse leaders across Illinois. INL is an organization founded by nurse leaders, for nurse leaders. What sets us apart is our unique combination of deep industry expertise, decades of hands-on practical experience, and a rigorous and proven approach to supporting our clients. When you choose INL, you’re choosing a partner with a track record of delivering results in higher nurse engagement, productivity, improved retention, improved patient safety outcomes, and a solid succession plan. We offer a comprehensive suite of services, including coaching, consulting, and on demand courses, designed to address the unique challenges facing nurse leaders today.

Outcome-Driven Nurse Leadership Consulting in Illinois

Our nurse leadership consulting services encompass six primary elements:

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    Custom Workforce Assessments.

    We conduct thorough qualitative and quantitative assessments of your workforce and leadership to precisely identify gaps and improvement strategies. Our 3-prong approach includes the development of a precise roadmap that aligns with your organizational goals and accelerates the achievement of them.

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    Develop Transformational Nurse Leaders.

    Our programs are designed to build both executive and frontline nurse leaders. We partner with you to design and implement an innovative program reflective of your unique needs and the current required industry competencies.

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    Increase nurse engagement.

    We help you modernize your professional governance model and develop department behavior standards for healthy work environments. Our programs create independent purpose-driven leaders and sustainable enduring outcomes of nurse satisfaction and retention.

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    Training to close the gap in financial acumen.

    Our customized training will eliminate the nurse leader financial acumen gap that exists nationwide. Empower your clinical leaders to understand their own budgets, build meaningful position controls, accelerate productivity, optimize financial targets, and improve quality and patient outcomes. Our model ensures an enduring partnership and collaboration between nursing and finance.

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    Develop and execute an effective nursing strategic plan.

    We assist you in clarifying your nursing organization's mission, vision, and values, creating a roadmap for success in patient outcomes, patient satisfaction, financial performance, workforce, and other organizational pillars. Together, we develop and implement a strategic plan that delivers top decile outcomes and achievements, including Magnet designation. Our process is evidence based, highly interactive, and captures the voice of all key stakeholders.

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    Drive operational excellence.

    Operational excellence is at the core of delivering high-quality patient care. Our expert consultants provide proven strategies that will improve staffing efficiency, retention, leader competency, and patient safety outcomes.

Engagement Options for Nurse Leadership Consulting in Illinois

We offer multiple engagement options for our nurse leadership consulting services in Illinois, including:

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    On-Site Team Training, Assessment, and Consulting:

    We bring our expertise directly to your healthcare facility, providing customized training, assessments, and consulting to discover and address your unique needs.

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    Our sought after team of nationwide expert faculty leads highly immersive and effective workshops that are customized sessions to tackle your specific competency gaps to drive results.

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    Our inspiring and purpose driven retreats provide an engaging and immersive experience, allowing your leadership team to step away from the daily grind and focus on strategic growth and individual and team development.

Nurse Leadership Coaching in Illinois for Organizational Success

You will have access to nationally sought after nurse executives who specialize in coaching and supporting the now and next generation of leaders.  Our nurse leadership coaching services are designed to enhance confidence, elevate your strategic visioning, accelerate performance, and help you cultivate a strong network of colleagues.

Executive & Senior Nurse Leadership Coaching

In this 1:1 coaching program we will help you develop breakthrough insights into your leadership capabilities and develop a customized plan toward accelerated performance. You will be able to choose from a team of nationally sought after nurse coach experts who help you amplify your executive presence, elevate your systems thinking, develop a powerful leadership philosophy, build strong teams, and cultivate authentic cross-functional relationships.

Impact Group Coaching for Nurse Leaders

Targeted at Directors, Nurse Managers (NMs), and Assistant Nurse Managers (ANMs), this program incorporates a unique and innovative dyad approach that pairs experienced Nurse Leader Coaches with Professional Development Coaches in each session. Fueled by the AONL competency framework, graduates of this program report increased leadership competencies and confidence, have higher rates of staff retention, and see significant improvement in staff engagement. With a strong focus on transformational leadership, building a culture of accountability, leading change, and how to grow strong teams, our content is tailored to your organization’s unique culture and goals, empowering leaders to immediately drive meaningful change.

Nurse Leadership Assessments

At Inspire Nurse Leaders, we provide a variety of assessments, including DiSC, LPI 360+, and the Energy Leadership Index, tailored to assist nurse leaders in gaining a deeper understanding of their strengths and developing breakthrough performance. DiSC is a valuable behavioral assessment tool that offers insights into communication styles and interpersonal dynamics. LPI 360+ (Leadership Practices Inventory) is a comprehensive assessment focusing on powerful evidence-based leadership skills, practices, and behaviors. The Energy Leadership Index assessment helps leaders harness their skills and energy for maximum impact.

Nurse Leadership Development On Demand & Live Courses in Illinois

Our Nurse Leadership Academy in Illinois is aimed at the priority competencies that nurse leaders are expected to master. Our courses are organized into five pillars, each tailored to enhance your leadership skills, drive performance, and improve organizational outcomes. The five pillars include transformational leadership, quality and patient safety, financial acumen/managing the cost and business of healthcare, care experience, and professional practice and advocacy.

Transformational Leadership Courses

Our leadership courses consist of 11 modules. These modules teach essential leadership skills and practices, equipping you with the tools to lead and inspire your team effectively. Modules focus on topics like Transformational Leadership, Leader Influence, Emotional Intelligence, Strategic Planning, Change Management, and more.

Nurse Leadership Course through Nurse Leadership Development
Nurse Leadership Development from Inspire Nurse Leaders

Quality Improvement & Patient Safety

The core of all we do is the quality of care that is delivered to the patients we serve. These courses teach nurse leaders the foundational skills necessary to lead quality improvement efforts, analyze data, and support strong governance and committee structures resulting in improved patient outcomes. The 11 modules cover topics including; Data Analysis, Fair & Just Culture, Quality Improvement White Belt Training, Quality Improvement Tools, PDSA Methodology, and more.

Cost & Business of Healthcare

These courses are aimed at eliminating the nurse leader financial acumen gap! Nurse leaders will develop financial acumen and business savvy to optimize healthcare operations in this nurse leadership course. Topics covered include; budget management, productivity targets, and variance analysis for both inpatient and procedural departments.

Nurse Leadership Development through Leadership Courses
Inspire Nurse Leaders offer Nurse Leadership Development Courses working on Patient Experience

Care Experience - Patient & Family Satisfaction

Nurse leaders will learn how to create a patient-centered culture that fosters satisfaction and positive outcomes in this nurse leadership course. Throughout the course, participants will learn about Measuring and Monitoring Patient Experience Data, Building a culture of caring, Establishing family advisory councils, and other leader best practice strategies.

Professional Practice & Advocacy

This dynamic course teaches nurse leaders how to engage fully with their profession to grow strong teams. With a focus on healthy work environments leaders will learn evidence based strategies, creating a culture of coaching and mentoring and the foundational components of evidence based research. Courses include Healthy Work Environments, Mentoring for Nurse Leaders, Ethics in Research and Quality, and Building a Culture of Coaching in Leadership.

Conference - Inspire Nurse Leaders, Nurse Leadership Development

Leadership Keynote Speaker in Illinois

Engage your audience with compelling storytelling and insightful strategies delivered by an inspiring and highly sought after thought leader. Our keynote speaker, Dr. Lori Armstrong, (DNP, RN, NEA-BC) expertise of her more than 25 years of executive leadership experience at top hospitals across the United States, humor and contagious energy are guaranteed to deliver impactful presentations. Formats include keynotes, workshops, and team impact sessions.

Inspire Nurse Leaders Keynote Speaker

The Great (Re)Engagement

Nurse and Nurse Leader engagement has never been more important. With strong purpose and respect for the current post pandemic nursing environment, Lori will guide attendees through the key elements that define a ‘Best Place to Work’ and reignite their passion for making a difference. Nurses will discover the pivotal role they can play in reversing the ‘great resignation’ trend. Attendees will rediscover their core values and transform their passion into actionable changes that will improve the overall work environment..

Nurse Leadership Consulting by INL

Leading Well-Being

Leader well-being is imperative if we are going to create cultures of well-being for all employees. This workshop equips leaders with the tools to cultivate, practice, and inspire personal well-being behaviors. It also identifies actionable strategies that contribute to the cultivation of healthier work environments and the development of resilient, high-performing teams.

Leveraging Influence and Impact

In this workshop, your leadership team will learn to master the behaviors and strategies that define influential leadership that will accelerate change adoption, goal achievement, and impact outcomes even if you don’t have direct authority. Through an immersive and engaging approach, learners will learn how to develop trusting relationships, practice powerful leadership behaviors and adopt inspiring leadership philosophies. Through our exploration of evidence-based influence behaviors, you will acquire the tools to increase engagement and develop deeper team commitment to the organization.

KEYNOTES - Inspire Nurse Leaders

The Leadership Challenge®

In this immersive workshop, your team will embark on a transformative journey, driven by empirical evidence and comprehensive 360º feedback. Guided by a seasoned Leadership Challenge Certified Master, you will practice, understand, and adopt The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®. You’ll learn how to set an example, voice your vision for the future, and inspire others. You will also learn how to interpret and act on personalized feedback from your LPI® Leadership Practices Inventory®.

Why Choose Inspire Nurse Leaders for Nurse Leadership Development in Illinois

At Inspire Nurse Leaders, our commitment is to provide a holistic approach to nurse leadership development in Illinois. We offer a range of services that work seamlessly together to equip nurse leaders and their teams with the skills, competencies, and confidence required to achieve exceptional outcomes. Our focus is not only on individual growth and team collaboration but also on organizational excellence. By collaborating with Inspire Nurse Leaders, you and your team can expect to achieve significant advancements in designated competencies and outcomes.

Leader outcomes

Our programs are meticulously crafted to elevate the leadership acumen of leaders across the spectrum – from those just stepping into their roles to seasoned executives. We are focused on cultivating a suite of transformative leadership capabilities, honing advanced communication skills for executive roles, embedding a culture of operational excellence, strategizing for future-ready workforce development, and championing cutting-edge professional shared governance. By harnessing these skills, leaders are equipped to excel in today’s complex dynamic environment.

Organizational outcomes

Leveraging our precise assessment framework and drawing upon our nationally renowned experts we bring unparalleled commitment to improving organizational outcomes. By joining forces with Inspire Nurse Leaders, your organization will build a strong leadership bench, improve nurse engagement, develop a sustainable workforce strategy, and benefit from profound improvements in patient care outcomes.