Nurse Leader Academy

The Nurse Leader Academy Bundle - All Modules

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The Nurse Leader Academy Bundle:

inl-numbersCare Experience - Patient & Family Satisfaction Pillar Bundle

Care Experience – Patient & Family Satisfaction Pillar Bundle (includes all pillar modules)

Speakers: Patricia Raak, MA, CPXP

Modules include:

  1. The Rising Importance of Patient Experience in Healthcare
  2. Measuring and Monitoring the Patient Experience
  3. Developing your Strategic Plan
  4. Leading Patient Experience with Evidence Based Practices
  5. Ensuring Patient and Family Centered Care
  6. Your Role in Leading Patient Experience

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inl-numbersCost & Business of Healthcare Pillar Bundle

Cost & Business of Healthcare Pillar Bundle (includes all pillar modules) 

Speakers: Pamela Hunt, MSN, RN, NEA-BC

Modules include:

  1. The Budget Is…Staffing Inpatient Surgical and Outpatient Departments
  2. Data: What is in a Productivity Target? 
  3. Operational, Capital Financial Responsibility 
  4. The Business Case for Patient Safety
  5. Procedural Area Finances

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inl-numbersLeadership Pillar Bundle

Leadership Pillar Bundle (includes all pillar modules) 

Speakers: Lori Armstrong, DNP, RN, NEA-BC; Pamela Spivey MSN, CCNS, RNC-NIC, RN-BC, CCFP; Alexandria Combs, MSHS 

Modules include:

  1. Transformational Leadership: Your Leadership Matters
  2. Integrative Strategies for Rising Leaders
  3. Building & Cultivating Resilience
  4. Leader Influence
  5. Emotional Intelligence
  6. Leadership Professional Development
  7. Art & Science of Communication
  8. Strategic Planning
  9. Change Management
  10. Beyond Care Coordination: Hardwiring Operational Excellence & Advancing Patient Centered Transformation
  11. Innovation

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inl-numbersProfessional Practice & Advocacy Pillar Bundle

Professional Practice & Advocacy Pillar Bundle (includes all modules)

Speakers: Lori Armstrong, DNP, RN, NEA-BC; Pamela Spivey MSN, CCNS, RNC-NIC, RN-BC, CCFP; Dr. Anita Catlin, RN, PhD, FNP, CNL, FAAN

Modules include:

  1. Healthy Work Environments
  2. Professional Practice
  3. Mentoring for Nurse Leaders
  4. Coaching in Leadership
  5. Assessing the Evidence for Research, Quality Projects, and Policy Creation
  6. Research Basics: Differences between Quality Research & Evidence Based Practice
  7. Ethics in Research and Quality
  8. Reading and Analyzing the Nursing Research Article

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inl-numbersQuality Improvement & Patient Safety Pillar Bundle

Quality Improvement & Patient Safety Pillar Bundle (includes all pillar modules) 

Speakers: Kathryn Farrell, MSN, RN; Pattie Bondurant DNP, RN

Modules include:

  1. Patient Safety
  2. Quality Improvement
  3. Data Analysis
  4. Fair & Just Culture
  5. Engagement in QI/EBP/Research
  6. White Belt: Quality Improvement Training
  7. White Belt: FOCUS PDSA Methodology
  8. White Belt: Team Construct & Activities
  9. White Belt: Quality Improvement Tools
  10. White Belt: PDSA Methodology
  11. White Belt: Measurement for Quality Improvement

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