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In a world where effective leadership is measured not just by authority, but by the ability to inspire and guide others, influence emerges as a...

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On this episode of The Handoff, healthcare industry veteran Lori Armstrong shares workforce insights from her 35 years as a clinician, a nurse leader and a consultant to healthcare leaders. 

Health Podcast Network: Your Roadmap to Success as a New Nurse Leader with Lori Armstrong

What does it take to become a Chief Nursing Officer? What are the first steps to get your first leadership position? We sit down with Lori Armstrong, founder/CEO of Inspire Nurse Leaders, and former Chief Nursing Officer, to discuss aspects that nurse leaders need in order to be more confident in their role. 

Lori starts our show with a leadership mindset encouraging us to let our actions speak loudly.

Lori walks us through her many career transitions, going from the Bedside to Senior Nurse Executive, and now as the CEO of Inspire Nurse Leaders.

Lori Armstrong, CEO and chief clinical officer of Inspire Nurse Leaders, talks about the role of nursing in patient safety. This episode is presented as part of National Nurses Week in partnership with Capella, Fresenius Kabi, symplr, and Vocera.


The Table, Your Seat, Your Voice Panel Discussion - NLF 2021

Unlocking Our Potential – How Coaching Can Grow Nurse Leaders and Level-Up Their Teams

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What can coaching offer for those in the nursing profession?​

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