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Nursing Leadership Workshops

“I am certain that I’ll be a better, effective leader and listener after this retreat. “ Participant Testimonial

Want to live your purpose and make a bigger difference? Prepare to be moved and empowered by expert speakers and facilitators, renowned for igniting audiences and rejuvenating organizations. With a proven track record of galvanizing teams, the Inspire team will ignite a sense of purpose and commitment through captivating storytelling, drawing from national best practices, and infusing humor for an engaging experience.

Workshops brought to your team from Inspire Nurse Leaders

Unlock the full potential of your healthcare leaders with an Inspire Nurse Leaders ½ day, full-day, or multiple-day workshop. In today’s ever-evolving landscape, investing in leadership development is crucial, and our immersive, all-day retreats provide a strategic avenue for your team’s professional development, team building and engagement. Led by seasoned healthcare leaders, participants gain invaluable skills in leadership, communication and decision making, tailored to navigate the intricacies of the healthcare landscape. Custom tailored to your organization’s specific needs and objectives, our workshops empower leaders to immediately drive meaningful change equipped with newfound skills, resources and confidence.

Interested in learning more? Contact us below.

Nurse Leadership Coaching Services For Organizational Success

Interested in learning more? Contact us below.

Nurse Leadership Coaching Services For Organizational Success

Workshop Customized for Your Organization

With the unprecedented challenges of workforce shortages, financial turmoil and a tenuous pipeline these powerful workshops help you spark renewed commitment and develop your team.

Inspire provides a wide selection of workshops meticulously crafted to empower teams across all roles. The content of each workshop is customized to meet your unique needs and equips participants with the tools to enact meaningful change in their roles. Our most sought after and powerful topics include:

Leveraging Influence and Impact: Achieving Excellence through Powerful Leadership Behaviors

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore evidence-based influential leadership behaviors and actions.
  • Discover the principles of persuasive communication.
  • Develop strategies to cultivate more impactful relationships & networks.
  • Clarify a vision for addressing current challenges and develop compelling strategies to engage colleagues and your team.
  • Discuss influential practices needed to make measurable, organizational, results.

The demands of today’s leadership have accelerated like never before. Leveraging your influence as a leader is about recognizing that leaders must cultivate relationships, earn the trust of their staff, lead by example and realize that the power of your influence is found in mobilizing others to achieve their goals.

In this immersive workshop, your team will look internally, enabling them to master the behaviors and strategies that define influence to drive more trusting relationships, enhance engagement, and develop a deeper commitment to the organization. Attendees will learn actionable behaviors to immediately affect meaningful change.

Improve Teamwork through Key Behaviors

Healthcare has never been in such a state of transition. With unprecedented turnover and pipe challenges it can feel impossible to develop a truly high-performing team. The fact is that teams rarely become high-performing without intentional development. With this proven framework, developing and practicing effective teamwork behaviors happens more easily and relationships thrive- taking you, your team, AND the organization to the next level.

Embark on this transformative journey with Five Behaviors, a comprehensive assessment-based learning program designed to unlock the secrets of building cohesive and high-performing teams. Powered by the innovative Everything DiSC® platform, participants delve into understanding their unique DiSC styles, those of their teammates, and how each style shapes team dynamics. Through interactive exercises and insights, teams gain a deep understanding of the Five Behaviors model, evaluating their collective strengths and areas for growth. Discover the most approachable, competent, and effective path to fostering collaboration, trust, and success within your organization.

The Five Behaviors® of a Cohesive Team: A Team Building Workshop

(Inspire is an Authorized Partner of The Five Behaviors)
This program is based on the best-selling book “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team” by Patrick Lencioni.

89% of The Five Behaviors learners say it improved their team’s effectiveness

Learning Objectives:

  • Trust One Another – Explore strategies to build trust and encourage vulnerability within your team.
  • Master Conflict Around Ideas – Demonstrate competencies in navigating healthy conflict and leverage it as a catalyst for growth and innovation within interdisciplinary healthcare teams.
  • Achieve Commitment to Decisions – Define team commitment and review the common barriers that prevent achieving it.
  • Embrace Accountability – Leveraging newfound team trust and increasing willingness to remind others when they are not living up to agreed-upon standards.
  • Focus on Achieving Results – Develop skills necessary to relentlessly focus on collective results vs individual results.

The Leadership Challenge®

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the frequency of personal leadership behaviors as measured by the LPI®:Leadership Practices Inventory® .
  • Enhance Leadership Effectiveness: Discover and refine key leadership behaviors to drive success for both individuals and teams.
  • Communicate and Inspire with Purpose: Articulate a compelling message about the significance of one’s role and instill hope for what lies ahead.
  • Champion Change: Embrace foresight to spark transformative improvements within the organization.
  • Foster Collaborative Relationships: Build collaboration, teamwork and trust by example, fostering a culture of mutual support.
  • Empower Growth: Facilitate the professional development of others to unlock their full potential and impact.
  • Celebrate Team Achievements: Motivate and recognize both individual and collective successes, fostering a culture of accomplishment and collaboration.

Learn how to become a better leader with The Leadership Challenge Workshop. This unique immersive program serves as a catalyst for profound leadership and organizational transformation. You have the opportunity to practice, understand, and adopt The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® with the guidance of trained experts and seasoned executive leaders. You’ll learn how to set an example, voice your vision for the future, and inspire others. This model transforms the abstract concept of leadership into practical behaviors and practices that can be taught and learned by anyone who accepts the challenge to lead.

You’ll also learn how to interpret and act on personalized feedback from your LPI® Leadership Practices Inventory®. The LPI®: Leadership Practices Inventory® is one of the world’s most widely used leadership assessments, providing leaders with breakthrough insights to strengthen their leadership impact. 

Ongoing studies consistently demonstrate that The Five Practices and the LPI assessment have a positive correlation with leaders’ effectiveness and their followers’ level of commitment, engagement, and satisfaction.

One of today’s toughest leadership challenges is creating an environment where one successfully achieves operational imperatives while sustaining a vibrant work environment to support a strong and stable workforce. The Nurse Leader is a powerful and positive influence, particularly as they maintain a high energy, positive presence, and an authentic model of strength. This workshop provides powerful evidence-based strategies to develop, practice, and inspire well-being behaviors personally for the leader themselves and identifies strategies that result in healthier work environments and resilient high performing teams.

Leading Well-Being

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn from an immersive well-being self-assessment to create a meaningful holistic action plan.
  • Explore the importance of well-being and best practices/strategies to improve individual and team well-being.
  • Discuss the impact of resilience in leadership, factors in building resilience, and the importance of strategies for coping with stress and burnout.
  • Identify your personal readiness to change along the dimensions of well-being to decide where an how to focus.
  • Describe all six components of a healthy work environment and their impact on engagement, safety and retention.

Passion, Purpose, and a Path Forward

Learning Objectives:

  • Reconnect with your passion and purpose in nursing leadership through guided imagery and introspection.
  • Define core values and assess their significance in your professional practice and personal life
    Integrate core values into your professional practice and personal life, identifying opportunities for alignment and congruence.
  • Explore techniques for facilitating open dialogue within your teams to identify shared values and foster a culture of collaboration and excellence.
  • Align team values with organizational values, promoting synergy within the organization.

This immersive workshop is crafted to reignite the flame of passion within nurse leaders. Through guided imagery and introspective exercises, participants will be taken through a day of self-discovery, clarifying their core values and reigniting their sense of purpose in nursing leadership. By identifying shared values within their teams and aligning them to the organization’s values, nurse leaders will gain clarity on their path forward, fostering a culture of excellence and collaboration within their organization. This transformative experience empowers nurse leaders to lead with authenticity, inspire their teams, and drive positive change.

Transformed your team and organizational Values into powerful shared behaviors that move the needle on culture.

Join us for a transformative workshop designed to translate your team and organizational values into actionable behaviors that define your culture. Through collaborative exercises and insightful discussions, participants will embark on a journey to design measurable behaviors that breathe life into your values.

Gain practical strategies and tools to embed these behaviors across your organization, empowering teams to live out the values in their daily actions and decisions. Together, let’s drive positive culture shifts and enhance organizational commitment and overall performance.

"Unlocking the Power of Shared Values": Transforming Organizational Culture Through Actionable Behaviors

Learning Objectives:

  • Assess the current values within your team and the organization, identifying areas of alignment and opportunities for improvement.
  • Implement evidence-based practices to create behaviors associated with each shared value within the team, fostering a culture of excellence and accountability.
  • Develop strategies to effectively communicate and cascade shared team value behaviors throughout the organization, ensuring alignment with the overarching organizational values.
  • Evaluate the impact of aligned values and associated behaviors on team cohesion, morale and overall organizational performance.
  • Create a comprehensive action plan to sustain the integration of shared team values and associated behaviors, fostering continuous improvement and organizational success.

Nurse Leader Impact And Master Class Sessions

Experience an intimate leader-only 90-minute or half-day impact session, an exclusive add-on service with any workshop. Leadership teams will participate in a Master Class with Dr. Lori Armstrong diving deep into today’s challenges, examining strategies to address hard truths and identifying opportunities for team and organizational success in a one-of-a-kind setting.