Managing the Business of Healthcare Certificate Course

Nurse leaders, like you, are expected to manage multimillion-dollar budgets for their departments, without formal financial training.

Overview of Course

Oftentimes, nurses transition into leadership positions because they are clinical experts and have a strong desire to make a difference. Then, unfortunately, they do not receive the proper training necessary to manage and lead all that they are responsible for. They may feel overwhelmed by the demands and at the mercy of inadequate “on the job” training”.

Did you know 80% of nurse leaders report feeling unprepared for the financial
demands of the nurse leadership role?

Inspire Nurse Leaders expert and sought after Faculty have a solution for YOU and your TEAM.

Managing the Business of Healthcare Certificate Course

Those who have taken the course say

How Pam kept everyone engaged and having fun during a finance class is beyond me!
Pam's a great speaker, very engaging. There wasn't a minute during her presentation that my mind wandered. Very knowledgeable and the material presented was applicable to my practice. Speaker was so engaging it was difficult to take notes! I didn't want to miss anything she said.
Pamela presented an excellent review of staffing & budget. It triggered me to further interpret the productivity numbers.

As a nurse leader, you are such an important part of ensuring patients have what they need, ensuring quality and cost-effective healthcare.

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Managing the Business of Healthcare Certificate Course

How do I take the Course?


  • 2 Half-Day Zoom Sessions for your group. (We find that full days via zoom can be less effective due to density of topic).


  • LIVE 1 Full Day in person for groups. Faculty is available on a mutually agreed-upon date.

For Individual learners

  • Get Information about our next open public course.

Conference Organizers

  • Get Information about conference events.


Interactive Delivery of the Following Concepts:

  • The Budget Is…Staffing Inpatient Surgical and Outpatient Departments
  • Data: What is in a Productivity Target?
  • Operational, Capital & Financial Responsibility
  • The Business Case for Patient Safety
  • Procedural Area Finances

What makes this course different?

Courses include your organization's examples, templates, and case studies we customize a head of course delivery

We encourage involving/inviting the key stakeholders from your finance team in the session. Learning together will help create a shared experience, robust discussion, and a strong foundation for collaboration going forward

We include preconfigured Excel models and toolkits with relevant formulas for ongoing use (will help learners‘ do the math)


Do I have to be a new nurse manager or have a few years of experience before taking this course?

  • If you’re new to the role, don’t be intimidated by the course. We start at a basic level and build from novice to expert levels.

Who should take this course?

  • Any level nurse leader involved in managing a budget
  • A Director and CNO and their team so they can learn together
  • Individual nurse leader for the individual course

Why should I invest in this program for my unit managers?

  • In today’s environment, we can’t afford NOT to know this information in order to contribute to the business of healthcare.

Financial stakes are higher than ever

  • Understanding budgets enables you to better advocate for your patients.
  • Nurse leaders responsible for the largest budget and salary expense in the hospital.
  • Business acumen is a top five expected competency of every nurse leader.
  • Budgets concepts and knowledge are reported as one of the biggest gaps.

I’m interested in this course, when can I take it?

  • You can sign up for the waitlist here.

I need help getting my manager to pay for this course

How much does it cost?

Do I get CEs for this course?

  • Yes! You get 7.25 CEs

Do I need to take this course in person?

  • No, we have a live in person course and one via zoom.

Our ONE day agenda includes:

  • The Budget Is…Staffing Inpatient Surgical and Outpatient Departments
  • Data: What is in a Productivity Target?
  • Operational, Capital & Financial Responsibility
  • The Business Case for Patient Safety
  • Procedural Area Finances

The information was valuable, and much wanted for this new manager. Now, to return home, find the right mentor to help me put it all together, will be the next step.”


Questions you’ll get answered

  • Reach out soon for our premium pricing – Live instruction (2 half days over zoom or 1 full day in-person)
  • Excel Toolkit takeaway
  • 1-month attendee access to the Course via on demand access
  • 7.25 CEs

Meet the Instructor

Pamela Hunt

Pam is nationally known as a nurse executive, author, financial, quality, safety and strategic expert, and community leader. She has delivered over 500 nursing and healthcare leadership presentations and published on subjects regarding workforce development, strategic planning, connecting to the purpose of our profession and most notably healthcare finance. Her pioneering work in improving the financial acumen of nursing has enabled thousands of nurse leaders to develop and defend successful proposals and ROI to ensure quality patient outcomes. 

Pam is a graduate of Parkview-Methodist School of Nursing. She received a BS from Indiana Wesleyan University and a MSN from Indiana University. Pam received the Facilitative Leadership Award for Community Health Network in 2017 and was inducted as a Fellow in the American Academy of Nursing in 2020.

She aims to give leaders the tools coupling their clinical knowledge and business knowledge to make the best decisions for their leadership. In nursing school, you didn’t get a rotation in finance. It’s your duty as a nurse leader to familiarize yourself with the terms and knowledge to be the best leader you can be.

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