Looking to Make an IMPACT? Nurse Leader IMPACT Planner Now Available!

Nurse Leader


The only planner designed exclusively
for Nurse Leaders.

A roadmap for transformational leadership.

Curated with a wealth of evidence-based content designed to help you navigate busy days, support your well-being, and amplify your impact – this planner is dedicated to support and empower YOU as a nurse leader!

Blueprint for
Transformational Leadership

This innovative, first of its kind planner is designed exclusively for those serving in Nursing Leadership roles. More than just a planner, it’s the essential toolkit and best practice guide that enables you to excel in your role and focus on these Key Objectives:

  • Build Better Leadership Habits
  • Cultivate Trustworthy Relationships
  • Focus on the Important
  • Develop a Wellness Strategy
  • Meet the Demands of Your Role
  • Amplify Your Leadership Impact

Supportive structure to achieve your daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly goals - plus prompts to foster the kind of self-awareness that enhances your effectiveness and impact

Leadership Journaling

Consistent reflection on positive experiences to improve mood and build resilience.

Best Practice Leader Prompts

Organization for Measured Outcomes, Leader Rounding, + Financials to foster engagement and drive leader growth.

Values Clarification

Gain clarity on your core values, the unique fingerprint on everything you touch.

“As a nurse leader, your potential to influence patients and their families, along with members of your team, is boundless. The leaders I know and whom I’ve had the pleasure to work with over the years, cherish this responsibility as sacred. I hope this Planner empowers you to fully harness your skills, talents, and passion in a way that makes a profound difference, allowing you to lead with purpose. Please know that I am humbled and inspired to be on this journey with you!”

- Dr. Lori Armstrong

CEO & Chief Clinical Officer, DNP, RN, NFA-BC