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We help nurse leaders become their best.

Improve patient safety and satisfaction by growing the capacity of your nurse leaders. Capacity to lead change, streamline operations, engage employees and increase productivity.

Achieve great outcomes for you and your patients.

Our coaching and consulting services increase confidence so you can do your best work. We deliver best practices in a relatable, human way that is both compassionate and accountable.

Experience is everything.

We know what works because we’ve walked in your shoes. For 25 years, we’ve been serving thousands of nurses and patients at some of the best hospitals in the country.

Lori Armstrong

CEO & Chief Clinical Officer,

A veteran CNO, Lori is a nationally-recognized thought leader in nurse leadership. As a patient safety expert, Lori has led nursing organizations at best-in-class hospital systems in California, New York, North Carolina and Texas. Lori is a compelling consultant, coach and keynote speaker — and a terrific human being to boot!

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Lori is truly inspirational. How blessed is the team that gets to work with her!

Lori was extremely knowledgeable. She kept me engaged throughout the presentation.

Lori is an impactful presenter. Her real-life experiences drive the concepts home and make a lasting impact.

Lori’s personal stories were great. They connect concepts to reality.

I could listen to Dr. Armstrong teach about nurse leadership all day.

The practice of nursing needs more nurse leaders like Dr. Armstrong.

Lori inspired me to go back to school.


Inspire Nurse Leaders


Inspire Nurse Leaders

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