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Amplify Your Influence

In a world where effective leadership is measured not just by authority, but by the ability to inspire and guide others, influence emerges as a cornerstone skill. It’s the power to shape perspectives, drive change, and mobilize teams
towards shared goals. As we navigate increasingly complex landscapes, understanding and harnessing the power of influence is not just advantageous; it’s essential for leaders aiming to make a lasting impact.

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Coaching for Nurse Leaders

The Importance of Coaching in High-Pressure Positions

A special thanks to Jarvis T. Gray, MHA, FACHE, CMQ-OE, CLSSMBB, PMP for having me on his latest podcast, where we covered a lot of ground. Our journeys are not about the destination, they are about what we learn and whom we meet along the way. We are always stronger together, and that means seeking out peers, mentors, and coaches to support us in our challenging times.

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